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Mr Bhupender Singh Soni
The world is shrinking and life is becoming fiercely competitive by every hour and it is a challenge for every parent to look for the best option for their children as the choice has a lifelong influence in a child as education depends on the environment of the school, pattern and programmer of education and the commitment of the management and staff. It is rightly said that a student's success in school starts in the mind and heart of his/her parents and teachers. The way we see them is what they actually become. I strongly believe that one should not stop learning and growing. Sow an act you reap a habit, sow a habit you reap a character and sow a character you reap a destiny.

We here in BHN stress on character building more than anything else. Our constant Endeavour is to harmonize the objectives and aims of this institution with the principle of universal brotherhood, keeping in view the aspirations of our students in this highly technological era, by inculcating in them the ever admired Indian ethos, culture, moral values and to ensure the academic excellence in every sphere. We do not believe in any type of discrimination on any ground whether it is political, religious or racial. Each child is provided an opportunity to groom freely under his/her own inherent style. The methodology is interactive, deeply researched and to the interest of young champs of future India. We always want our child to become a lover and seeker of knowledge and truth, develop his hidden talents, grow with good character, prepare himself to face the challenges of life in the modern age. We have tried our best to provide students all modern facilities and infrastructure. School has facilities for practical oriented education with best smart classes and laboratories. Our target is to provide the alchemy for transforming basic instincts into ennobling virtues. We give our students an atmosphere of learning and provide them with necessary aids. What we need is your faith and cooperation and feeling of oneness with us.

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